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The Country & Eastern shop is housed along with The South Asia Collection and offices of the SADACC Trust in a renovated Victorian roller skating rink, purpose built and opened in 1876. It was not a great success and progressively became a vaudeville theatre and the first citadel of the Salvation Army in Norwich and from 1892 a store for a builders merchant. On them ceasing to trade in 1993 it was acquired by Country & Eastern and after a major refurbishment was opened in 1994 as part of Country & Eastern’s business, at that time constituting two shops in Norwich, one in central London in Kensington as well as a wholesale business.

The shop is located in central Norwich, about 100m from the main open market and the Forum millennium building.

Tel: 01603 663890

The Old Skating Rink, 
34 – 36 Bethel Street,
Norwich NR2 1NR.

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