Product sourcing

Country & Eastern originally bought from countries extending from Turkey through the Indian sub-continent to east of Java however the focus is now mainly on South Asia. We have always tended to buy from smaller family run enterprises and most of the families we started with some 40 years ago are still supplying us today. In many cases, however, it is the second generation who are now in charge.

Rustic pottery being made in villages in northern Thailand.
Hand-loomedweaver in the Hindu Kush.

  • A prime objective of Country & Eastern has been to help keep alive traditional crafts such as wood block printing, hand-loom weaving, carpet weaving, vegetable dyeing, embroidery, wood carving and miniature painting. These crafts have been on the basis of decorative furnishings coming from South Asia for centuries.
  • We endeavour to supply our customers with furnishings that have an authenticity that is lacking in many items produced in this region purely to Western designs.
  • Our customers thus obtain furnishings that are part of flourishing traditions that have been passed from generation to generation and whose origins are firmly rooted in the arts and crafts of distant civilisations.